Volunteering is a satisfying experience. Volunteering is a donation of time. As nonprofit organizations look for grants, grantees take a serious look at volunteer hours as a means of determining support hours, that translate into community involvement.

We have volunteer opportunities in several areas. Any of these can enrich your own lives with new learning as well as making important contributions to the surrounding communities. Our volunteers work as a team. We can train you in a number of subject areas, to provide hands-on experiences for children on Jug Handle’s site, in classrooms, or on field trips.

Our native plant nursery needs constant attention. Plants are grown here year around. You will learn how to propagate many varieties of local native plants from seeds or cuttings and, with student’s help, finally transplanting them in local restoration projects. Local school groups are very much involved in the entire process from collecting the needed material, planting, re-potting, and finally the restoration work.

Our organic food garden also needs ongoing attendance. Much of the food grown here is donated to local food banks as community outreach.

Why not get in touch and see how you can enrich your and others lives.

Please contact Helene Chalfin by phone (707•964•1825 or 707•937•3498), email (jughandle.ed@gmail.com) or using the form below:

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