New AmeriCorps Team at Jug Handle

New AmeriCorps Team January through March 2015

They’re back! Jug Handle’s  application for an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) Team was successful-and we have been assigned a new Team beginning January 15 through mid March.

The crew consists of five young women and three young men from all over the United States-Michigan, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Idaho and Illinois. Team leader Shannon Sullivan, is from Chicago, Illinois.

The team, Green 3 – The Green Tree Lizards, are a passionate and fun loving bunch who are committed to making a change in the world to make it a better place.  Their past project experience includes work to help the homeless; work in community gardens and parks; facilitating community festivals;  work for a food bank and food delivery service for children and the elderly and some work with trail building and environmental conservation.

We welcome the team:  Shannon Sullivan, Team Leader; Tyler Zarkie, Peer Helper, Alexa Timmreck; Rafael Samano; Jade Francis; Gabriel Bainbridge; Alison Dixon; Audrey Feather.  Click here to see the photos and short bios.

During their service for Jug Handle Farm and Nature Center, Green Three will be restoring several areas with native plants; removing invasive exotics; tending to previous native plant installations; working at the native plant restoration nursery; undertaking educational trails maintenance and revitalizing educational gardens.  Half their time will be shared with State Parks, Mendocino sector; where they will be working with Skye Nickell at several State Parks doing restoration, maintenance of trails and fence work.

Green 3 Team Photos and Bios

Trestle walking trail completed

The walking trail has been completed to the site of the railroad trestle cross Jug Handle Creek, that fell down in the 1906 earthquake.  This trestle was one of the tallest and longest in Northern California – 160 feet tall and 1,000 feet long.

The Americorps Blue 7 NCCC Team has completed the opening out of the Trestle Trail, on Feb. 26, 2014.   Guests, school groups, etc. can now easily use the Trestle trail, which leads to a concrete abutment where the trestle used to be attached to span Jug Handle Creek for the Caspar Railroad which  transported large logs to Caspar harbor. The logs were sent down a chute to the mill pond, were milled and loaded on ships  at the Caspar ” doghole” harbor.

Near the concrete abutment, the old railroad bed can still be observed.  This link here is specifically about the Jug Handle trestle.

Farmhouse Entryway Boardwalks are Repaired

Our able caretakers, Galen and Sherri have completely rebuilt the wooden walkway entrance to the Farm.  The Farmhouse back porch deck was also dismantled and rebuilt where needed. Fantastic building wood was salvaged from an older Boardwalk trail that will be later redone with alternative building materials.  Photos show the work of construction and rebuild as well as the beautiful results.

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Tree Species available NOW at Nursery

Redwoods, Red Elderberry, Big Leaf Maple, Shore Pine

Redwoods, Red Elderberry, Big Leaf Maple, Shore Pine– and many other plants are overabundant at the nursery and available for sale now

Jug Handle’s Native Plant Nursery has an overabundance of several tree species, available for sale  now.  If you need nice Redwood, Alder, Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Shore Pine or Big Leaf Maple trees, please call Director Helene Chalfin at 937-3498 to set up an appointment at the nursery to look over the stock.  There are  also many Wild Ginger, Columbine, Lady Fern and Fairy Bells available for sale.

Students Plant 100 Trees at Caspar Headlands

Students Plant 100 Trees at Caspar Headlands ParkJoint project by Jug Handle Creek Farm, State Parks, the Caspar Community Group and MESA Club students to install 100 native trees at Caspar Headlands State Park. Plants were grown at Jug Handle Farm’s Native Plant nursery.

Click here or thumbnail right to view full article.  You can also download a .pdf version here.

Jug Handle Restoration Projects on the Mendocino Coast

1a Garcia River Estuary Project
1b Garcia River Estuary Project
2 Garcia River Streambank MRC
3 Garcia River streambank plantings
3b Garcia River monitoring
4 Gualala River redwood float
5 Albion stream temperature monitoring
6 Little River coastal restoration
7a Willow Sprigging landslide
7b Stream Temp monitoring
8 Little River stream bank planting
9a Big River Douglas Fir planting
9b Big River stream monitoring
10 Big River coastal restoration
11 Coastal headlands restoration
12 Big River No. Fork stream temp
13 Caspar Creek planting
14 Caspar Creek planting 2
15a Point Cabrillo coastal restoration
15b Point Arena coastal restoration
16a Caspar coastal restoration
16b Jug Handle Farm coastal planting
17a Jug Handle Creek willow sprigging
17b Shore pine restoration
17c Gorse removal
18 Noyo Harbor planting
19 Highway 20 revegetation
20 Little Valley redwood planting
21 Ten Mile, So Fork planting
22 Mill Creek planting
23 Noyo River erosion control
24 Belinda Cove revegetation

29 Lake Cleone coastal restoration
25 Navarro Point revegation
26 Glass Beach revegetation
27 Simcha Sitka spruce revegetation
28 Hardy Creek coho salmon restoration30 Wages Ck. coho salmon restoration
31 Otis Johnson Park restoration
32 GP Mill Site seed test plots
33 Caspar Headlands State Park planting