Americorps Green 3 Hard at Work at Jughandle

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The Americorps NCCC Team  assigned to Jug Handle beginning in January 2015 have been working steadily at the Farm to accomplish major site enhancements and beautification.  Working with Jug Handle naturalists Adrienne Long and Fern Tahja; the 8 member team has been diligently carrying out a long task list developed by SIte Enhancement Project Director, Helene Chalfin.

Left to right: Tyler, Audrey, Alex, Jade, Shannon  (Team Leader) , Alison, Alexa and Rafael.

Left to right: Tyler, Audrey, Alex, Jade, Shannon (Team Leader) , Alison, Alexa and Rafael.

Americorps has completed two of the three back meadows at the Farm in removing young gorse seedlings.  The end of this week, they began work on the third meadow, near the viewing platform  on the campground loop trail.

Two full packages of black trash bags have been filled with the gorse uprooted so far by the Americorps team.

The  team has also completed all  the weeding  around the  front and back of top of hill building; north side of Eucalyptus Cabin, north side of Top of Hill Building;   Areas surrounding  the Greenhouse garden fence and  the Alder Cabin.

The team has installed native plants  around the Eucalyptus cabin; including Fairy bells, columbines and wild strawberry; mugwort  to the west of the Grand Fir Cabin and Coltsfoot in shady areas near the Orchard cabin and  east Greenhouse fence.
More chips were hauled over to cover the weeded areas to create a thick mulch for the installed native plants.

Tyler Audrey ( in wheelbarrow); Shannon, Rafael Adrienne ( JH Staff Naturalist); Jade, Alex, Alison and Alexa pose on top of a huge pile of weeds they pulled out of the western hillside of the Farm.

Tyler Audrey (in wheelbarrow); Shannon, Rafael Adrienne ( JH Naturalist); Jade, Alex, Alison and Alexa pose on top of a huge pile of weeds pulled from the western hillside of the Farm.

They have also  completed the weeding of the wild ginger bed east of the picket fence behind the Farmhouse and installed more fairy bells and columbines on both sides of the fence.  A team member repaired the picket fence close to the laundry room where it had broken down.

Among other jobs in the overall site beautification project, the team removed debris, old wood and garbage from the east side of the Top of Hill Building;  from behind the Greenhouse; cleaned up fallen branches in preparation for mowing near alder cabin; and began weed eating around the periphery of nursery area and garden fence as well as inside the food garden area after pulling many weeds by hand.  The scrap lumber pile was reorganized and unsalvageable wood taken to the burn pile.

We have completed clean-up and reorganization of nursery area and periphery; still a little to do; and the food garden area is in process of a major overhaul; plus more weeding.

The team spent 3 days with Jug Ha ndle Gardens coordinator Ariane Fuller working on terrace gardens; Creamery garden and Farmhouse back yard garden.  The 3rd day, 2 of the team members helped to replant in other areas several plants dug up from the terrace gardens the day before, so that the plants would survive.

Tyler ; Audrey; Rafael, Shannon; Fern Tahja (JH staff Naturalist); Jade; Alison; Alex and Alexa : atiop hundreds of weeds pulled from western hillside at the Farm.

Tyler ; Audrey; Rafael, Shannon; Fern Tahja (JH staff Naturalist); Jade; Alison; Alex and Alexa : atiop hundreds of weeds pulled from western hillside at the Farm.

The team also repotted several trees at the nursery;  helped divide and cut back a few species of plants; sterilized  many pots and prepared needed dirt mixes.  The team also helped to extract seed of Bishop Pine  and Pygmy Cypress from the cones; and extracted seed was planted and set up in outdoor cages for next year’s crop of trees.

Among the other jobs completed by Americorps  was the complete weeding and mulching of the entire western hillside to the Farmhouse.   Plants that needed to be moved were dug up and replanted further down the hill.  More plastic and cardboard was laid down after weeding and covered by chips–hard job pushing wagons and carts uphill from the chip pile.

Still to do is broom removal on the north field and highway fence and Jug Handle’s property of the trail to the beach, as well as continued gorse removal near campground and adjacent meadows. Another job coming up in the team’s last two weeks is creating cuttings from plants such as pink flowering currant salmonberry and wax myrtle to set up for future nursery stock.

Also still to do is a check of trail work on two trails completed last year for accessibility.  Dead branches behind the Grand Fir cabin will also be cleaned up and taken to the burn pile.

Our Coastal trail Day with Americorps is scheduled for March 17th, when the team will install Deschampsia and Douglas Iris which is part of a new plant order for the City of Fort Bragg.  March 17th is the last day we will have the team.

If there is enough time; we will also take a day to do a restoration project at Point Arena/National Monument–still to be determined.

New AmeriCorps Team at Jug Handle

New AmeriCorps Team January through March 2015

They’re back! Jug Handle’s  application for an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) Team was successful-and we have been assigned a new Team beginning January 15 through mid March.

The crew consists of five young women and three young men from all over the United States-Michigan, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Idaho and Illinois. Team leader Shannon Sullivan, is from Chicago, Illinois.

The team, Green 3 – The Green Tree Lizards, are a passionate and fun loving bunch who are committed to making a change in the world to make it a better place.  Their past project experience includes work to help the homeless; work in community gardens and parks; facilitating community festivals;  work for a food bank and food delivery service for children and the elderly and some work with trail building and environmental conservation.

We welcome the team:  Shannon Sullivan, Team Leader; Tyler Zarkie, Peer Helper, Alexa Timmreck; Rafael Samano; Jade Francis; Gabriel Bainbridge; Alison Dixon; Audrey Feather.  Click here to see the photos and short bios.

During their service for Jug Handle Farm and Nature Center, Green Three will be restoring several areas with native plants; removing invasive exotics; tending to previous native plant installations; working at the native plant restoration nursery; undertaking educational trails maintenance and revitalizing educational gardens.  Half their time will be shared with State Parks, Mendocino sector; where they will be working with Skye Nickell at several State Parks doing restoration, maintenance of trails and fence work.

Green 3 Team Photos and Bios

Summerfield Waldorf School Restoration Work

Aeryn Jungerman, from the Summerfield Waldorf School, brought her students to Jug Handle Creek Farm to participate in numerous  projects in September.

The kids in the garden are working on the herbal and medicinal garden area to prepare for future plantings and to weed and clean up around existing plants. The kids around the bathtub are mixing new propagation media for the native Plant Nursery.   The goal was to help at the nursery  with our restoration work and to help in the gardens which produce cooking and medicinal herbs. They were a pleasure to have at Jug Handle, as we always enjoy the hard work and dedication of both the teachers and students on educational visits!