Kitchen & Cottage Gardens

Kitchen, Cottage and Medicinal Gardens

Jug Handle farm features culinary and medicinal herb beds where you’ll find a wide variety of established perennial plants. The kitchen garden, maintained by staff and volunteers, demonstrates examples of vegetables and fruits that thrive on the coast.

Guests are welcome to tour the gardens, become acquainted with cultivated plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, and local native plants and see the benefits of companion planting. Please come, relax and enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful ambiance at Jug Handle.

Country Cottage Gardens

Old fashioned cottage gardens are planted to enhance our vintage Farmhouse. These are found in front of the office, on the slope east of the office, at the top of the hill and on the north and east sides of the farm house.

Country Cottage gardens at Jug Handle honor the history of the place, which was originally a working farm. Great Britain became well known for its informal cottage gardens, and Jug Handle Farm’s founding family, the Tregonings, emigrated from Cornwall, England.

Historically, cottage gardens were characterized by their informal design, dense plantings, and a mix of ornamental and edible plants. Plants were grown from seed or acquired from neighbors.

English in origin, the cottage garden relies on informality, dense planting, harmonious elements, and incorporates traditional materials. Modern cottage gardens may embrace plant materials such as ornamental grasses or native plants.

Jug Handle’s garden beds demonstrate the harmonious benefits of planting natives and traditional favorites together. Plant selection focuses not only on color and balance, but also on plants with a reputation for longevity and minimal upkeep. The gardens are organic and mulched to conserve water.

Volunteer participation enhances our gardens’ upkeep and success. Visitors may be able to help us weed and prune, and can ask the innkeepers for permission to cut arrangements for Farmhouse or cabins.

Culinary and Medicinal Herb Gardens

An herb garden is located on the east side of the office, and a small herb garden is planted just off the deck of the farm house.

A short walk down the path from the farm house, toward the antique apple orchard and perched on the slope is the terraced culinary and medicinal herb garden.

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