Jug Handle Restoration Projects on the Mendocino Coast

1b Garcia River Estuary Project
2 Garcia River Streambank MRC
3 Garcia River streambank plantings
3b Garcia River monitoring
4 Gualala River redwood float
5 Albion stream temperature monitoring
6 Little River coastal restoration
7a Willow Sprigging landslide
7b Stream Temp monitoring
8 Little River stream bank planting
9a Big River Douglas Fir planting
9b Big River stream monitoring
10 Big River coastal restoration
11 Coastal headlands restoration
12 Big River No. Fork stream temp
13 Caspar Creek planting
14 Caspar Creek planting 2
15a Point Cabrillo coastal restoration
15b Point Arena coastal restoration
16a Caspar coastal restoration
16b Jug Handle Farm coastal planting

17a Jug Handle Creek willow sprigging
17b Shore pine restoration
17c Gorse removal
18 Noyo Harbor planting
19 Highway 20 revegetation
20 Little Valley redwood planting
21 Ten Mile, So Fork planting
22 Mill Creek planting
23 Noyo River erosion control
24 Belinda Cove revegetation
25 Navarro Point revegation
26 Glass Beach revegetation
27 Simcha Sitka spruce revegetation
28 Hardy Creek coho salmon restoration
29 Lake Cleone coastal restoration
30 Wages Ck. coho salmon restoration
31 Otis Johnson Park restoration
32 GP Mill Site seed test plots
33 Caspar Headlands State Park planting

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Jug Handle’s partners and in kind contributions

Partners and in-kind contributors – List (pdf)

Restoration Project at Big River

Part of the tree planting team poses with Big River in the background at the end of the day

Part of the tree planting team poses with Big River in the background at the end of the day

Restoration work at Big River

Restoration work at Big River

Work on this Big River site was done in collaboration with State Parks staff, Mendocino Land Trust staff including Matt Coleman and volunteers, Jug Handle Creek Farm and Nature Center, MESA middle school students and teacher Irene Heldstab from Fort Bragg, Ukiah MESA Club and Mendocino High School’s SONAR program students and their teachers.  Jug Handle Farm and Nature Center had grown seeds from Douglas fir cones collected by SONAR students; held the trees at the nursery for almost four years, then 250 fully grown trees were planted by this team.

Before and After Photos of Restoration on Garcia River-Stornetta Ranch Property

Work at these Stornetta Ranch sites on the Garcia River in Point Arena was done in partnership with Craig Bell of Trout Unlimited, Jug Handle Creek Farm, the Americorps Watershed Project members, State Parks staff, and MESA Club students from Ukiah Schools.  Redwood and Alder trees were potted up and held at Jug Handle’s Nursery for over  a year before installation at the River.  Willow sprigging was also done to restore the site. Click the photos to see larger versions.

Stewardship/Incentive Greenhouse Project:

A collaborative effort between Jug Handle Farm, State Parks, Americorps Watershed and Watershed Stewards Projects, landowners and community volunteers. Gives students and the community a role in the management of natural resources with hands-on stewardship and watershed education activities. Highlights of the project are students’ involvement in the collection and propagation of native plants for restoration purposes as well as visits to local watersheds to learn about watershed wildlife, plants and soils. Project director and grant writer – Helene Chalfin.

Comptche Elementary School; Greenwood School, Mendocino Elementary School, Mendocino Middle School, Mendocino High School, Mendocino Academy High School; Redwood Elementary School, Dana Gray School, Noyo High School, Point Arena Elementary School, and Instilling Goodness School of Ukiah.

Supported by grants from: AT &T Corporation; Ca. Dept. of Parks and Recreation; State Department of Education License Plate Funds; Fish and Game Advisory Commission (3 years consecutively); Le Beau Fund of the Marin Community Foundation and Mendocino and Fort Bragg Unified School Districts. In-kind support provided by: Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens; Ca. Dept. of Parks and Recreation; Ca. Dept. of Fish and Game; Americorps Watershed Stewards Project; Out of This World in Mendocino; California Native Plant Society and Ca. Institute of Man In Nature Board of Directors. Administered by Jug Handle Creek Farm Project Manager.

Fisheries & Watersheds Education Project: June 1999 – Present

An expansion of the existing stewardship project to include student monitoring of watershed health by providing an education coordinator; bus transportation funding for five school districts and science supplies in a central repository for use by all participating schools. The goal of the project is to involve many more students in gathering data about targeted coastal watersheds. Information gathered will be shared with other schools, districts and communities as well as with agencies involved in watershed analysis. Targeted Watersheds: Noyo River, Big River, Little River, Albion River, Navarro River and Garcia River. Education coordinator and grant writer, Helene Chalfin. Supported by a grant from the State Department of Fish and Game, with in-kind support provided by county professionals involved in watershed analysis. Mendocino Water Agency, Coastal Land Trust, Ridge to River, Friends of Garcia, Fish and Game Advisory Commission, State Fish and Game Department, Hopland Field Station, County Office of Education and others are being consulted in the development of plans for student monitoring activities. Grant was administered by local Department of Fish and Game.

Pam Huntley directs this wildly popular summer camp held at Jug Handle campground from 4 to 6 weeks each year. Campers play games, look at tidepools, create totem spirit masks, hike the ecological staircase trail, camp out and participate in many other activities which explore the wondrous world of nature. Administered by Pam Huntley Nature Day Camp Director.  You can reach her at (707) 937-1367.


Helene Chalfin and Gwen Quigley lead nature exploration in a program held after school at Jug Handle Creek Farm. Hikes, games, songs, stories, gardening and arts and crafts for young nature lovers. Administered through Jug Handle Creek Farm.

Students funded through the Mendocino Private Industry Council and their supervisors hired by Mendocino County Office of Education, visit Jug Handle Farm for several weeks each summer and participate in gardening, native plant propagation, trail work and learning activities. Both summer youth employment and workability students have participated. Administered through Mendocino County Office of Education.