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Surrounded by the natural and breath-taking beauty of the Mendocino coast, visitors coming to Jug Handle Farm and Nature Center will discover not only a diversity of gardens, but also a focus on the use of local native plants.

Spring time in the garden in front of Jug Handle office. New archway graces the entrance

Spring time in the garden in front of Jug Handle office. New archway graces the entrance.

Jug Handle farm features culinary and medicinal herb beds where you’ll find a wide variety of established perennial plants. The kitchen garden, maintained by volunteers, demonstrates examples of the vegetables and fruits that thrive on the coast.

Guests are welcome to tour the gardens, become acquainted with cultivated plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, and local native plants and see the benefit of companion planting.

Please come, relax and enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful ambiance at Jug Handle.

Native Plant Gardens and Landscaping

  • Native plants are used exclusively in many of our gardens to beautify areas at Jug Handle. These gardens are located prominently along the entrance to the center, around all guest cabins, at the top of the hill, in shaded areas of the Farmhouse backyard, in the garden at Native Plant Nursery and its perimeter, and along pathways and trails.
Lush growth of Rosemary, lemon verbena, sedums, and thyme enhance the bench and hillside garden by the office.

Lush growth of Rosemary, lemon verbena, sedums, and thyme enhance the hillside garden.

Country Cottage Gardens

  • Cottage gardens are found in front of the office, on the slope east of the office, at the top of the hill and on the north and east sides of the farm house.

Culinary and Medicinal Herb Gardens

  • A caretaker’s herb garden is located on the east side of the office. A small herb garden is planted just off the deck of the farm house.
  • A short walk down the path from the farm house, toward the antique apple orchard and perched on the slope is the terraced culinary and medicinal herb garden.

Kitchen – Community Vegetable Garden

  • Across a small wooden bridge over a natural wetlands area, is the volunteer based organic kitchen garden adjacent to the Jug Handle native plant Nursery.

Map and list of the plants in our gardens

Below is a map of the various gardens at Jug Handle Creek Farm. Click on a letter to see a list of plants (common and botanical names) in the garden as well as a link to an image for all the plants. To download a printable list of these plants, see the Legend below.

Map of JHCF Gardens

Plant List A Plant List B Plant List C Plant List D Plant List E Plant List F Plant List G Plant List H Plant List I Plant List J Plant List K Plant List L Plant List M Plant List N Plant List O Plant List P Plant List Q Plant List R

Legend for the Gardens

Click on any of the plant lists to download/open a pdf  of that list.  Each contains both the Common name and the Botanical name.

  1. Country Cottage Garden Plant List – in front of office
  2. Country Cottage Garden Plant List – on east side of office and caretaker’s lodging
  3. Country Cottage Garden Plant List – at top of the hill, north of the staircase
  4. Native Plant Garden List – Grand Fir Cabin at top, just west of parking area
  5. Native Plant Garden List – Eucalyptus Cabin at top of the hill near the woodshed
  6. Native Plant Garden List – top of the hill, to the left of farm house entrance
  7. Country Cottage Garden Plant List – on the right, north side of farm house entrance
  8. Kitchen Herb Garden Plant List – off the deck of farm house
  9. Country Cottage List Plant List – off the farm house back porch, east side
  10. Native Plant Garden List – farm house backyard, just off the boardwalk and fence
  11. Country Cottage Garden Plant List – farm house backyard, south east along the fence including plants around mini pond, backyard, shaded area along east side of fence
  12. Culinary Herb Garden Plant List – terraced bed on north east slope
  13. Medicinal Herb Garden Plant List – south east slope of terraced garden
  14. Kitchen Garden Plant List – wetlands area, east of herb gardens
  15. Native Plant Garden List – south side of native plant green house and garden perimeter
  16. Native Plant Garden List – Alder Cabin, south east of native plant green house
  17. Native Plant Garden List – Orchard Cabin, east of farm house near apple orchard


Country Cottage Garden Plant List

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