Jug Handle Nursery Hosts Native Plant Sale

Jug Handle Nursery Hosts Native Plant Sale  April 9th at 10th as part of Native Plant week.

Jug Handle Creek Farm and Nature Center will celebrate  Native Plant week April 9-16th by hosting a large sale of  local California native plants.

Jug-Handle-Native-Plant-SaleFrom lovely columbines and wild ginger to trees such as redwood, Sitka Spruce and douglas fir to beautiful showy shrubs such as Pink Flowering currant and Salmonberry–native  plants are a wonderful and water saving addition to your garden and landscape.

The Native Plant Week sale will be held at Jug Handle Farm,   Saturday and Sunday April  9 and 10 from 1 to 4 p.m.  Location is 15501 North Highway One, on the east side of the highway- just across from the stop sign at the north entrance to Caspar.
The nursery is always open by appointment during Native plant week and throughout the year. Just call 937-3498.

Jug Handle’s Restoration/Education Nursery is set up to be used exclusively to grow local species of native plants from wild collected seeds, cuttings and divisions.

It serves as a focal point for education programs, restoration projects, trainings and work stewardship activities with local and regional schools, youth groups and Americorps.  Seeds are collected for site specific projects—such as for the Coastal Trail or Otis Johnson Park; or plants can be selected from nursery stock.  Plants grown on contract are sold at wholesale prices, with a down payment.

Income derived from the sale of plants supports the operation, staffing and maintenance of the nursery;  the staffing and resources for Jug Handle’s educational programs as well as overall improvements to landscaping with native plants and eliminating invasive exotic plants throughout Jug Handle’s property.

Jug Handle, a nonprofit nature education center and overnight lodge, teaches stewardship and restoration to local and regional school children & Americorps youth.

Jug Handle nursery has been involved with the Coastal Trail Project and the restoration of Otis Johnson Park with the City of Fort Bragg. Next year, we will have several hundred Shore Pine, Bishop Pine, Pygmy Cypress and Wax Myrtle just the right size–for  coastal mitigation projects.

All native plants  are raised from site-specific seeds, cuttings and divisions gathered by our nursery staff: consultant and collections expert Alison Gardner and other staff-Fern Tahja, Adrienne Long and  Nursery Director Helene Chalfin.

For the CIty’s Coastal trail and Otis Johnson Park projects,  Jug Handle staff members directed MESA students ( Math, Engineering and Science Achievement ) from Fort Bragg and SONAR  students ( Mendocino High School’s School of Natural Resources) in plant collections and propagation.

Jug Handle supplied Danco construction in 2014  with  almost 1500 local native plant species for the landscaping surrounding the new senior housing units on Cypress Street, near the Fort Bragg Police Department.

In another recent mitigation project on the south coast Jug Handle Nursery supplied about 1100 native plants to a private landowner.

Jug Handle has provided  plants to Cal Trans for various revegetation projects and has supplied plants to State Parks and the Mendocino Land Trust  for their revegetation projects.

  • Helene Chalfin obtained grants to establish Jug Handle’s nursery beginning in 1993.  Funding was obtained from State Department of Education; AT&T Foundation, Le Beau Charitable Trust and County Fish and Game Commission, to restore the original Greenhouse one wall at a time over several years.  New windows were installed at the south; new roof put on; interior tables built, bottom heat and mist system installed inside and the building was strengthened at the north.  Later a propagation shed was added; holding tables and a shade house structure added to protect plants and irrigation system created, all through grant funds and in kind donations.
  • Ken Montgomery, an expert nurseryman who runs Anderson Valley Nursery, mentored Jug Handle’s Education Director in  native plant propagation at the Botanical Gardens while he was Project Director there.  He has served as a consultant on Jug Handle nursery questions since its very beginning.
  • Betty Young, then of Circuit Riders Nursery and later the Director of of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s Native Plant Nursery also provided mentoring training, native plant nursery manuals, and  consultations.

For an appointment, please contact:
Helene Chalfin, Director: Grants/Education/Nursery

707.937.3498 or

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