About Us

Jug Handle Creek Farm and Nature Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Support for our nature education center is received from grants, private and corporate donation, volunteers, and guests staying in our 1870’s historic farmhouse, cabins, and campground. Our 39 acres include a native plant nursery, vegetable and herb gardens, forests and meadows, nature trails and serves as a gateway to both the Jug Handle State Reserve and the world’s largest intact Pygmy Forest Ecological Staircase. We are located on the Northern California Pacific coast between Mendocino and Fort Bragg.

Our mission is to educate all age levels on the stewardship and sustainable use of
coastal land and water resources while providing affordable accommodations for nature lovers visiting
this unique coastal area.

Our goals are to:

  • Serve as a visitor and information center for the Jug Handle Ecological Staircase.
  • Provide an educational facility for schools, conservation groups, environmental agencies, and nature lovers.
  • Work collaboratively with local agencies, schools, and community groups in spearheading environmental stewardship projects.
  • Serve as a model of sustainability.

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Warren and Michelle Bishop

Warren and Michelle BishopAfter two years of circling the globe and managing retreat centers, Warren and Michelle are excited to ground down as innkeepers at Jug Handle Creek Farm.

Warren grew up in London, England.  His career has taken him to many beautiful spots across the world.  He lived in Bermuda and Latvia as a currency trader.  Then, found his way to Egypt and worked as a scuba diving instructor in the Red Sea.  He then immigrated to Australia where he continued as a diving instructor on the Great Barrier Reef, which then led him to leave the sea and head to the sky.  There he started “flying” as a skydiver.  After years of traveling to Southeast Asia, he began to study meditation, yoga and massage.   For the past 10 years, Warren has worked as an international yoga teacher and massage therapist in Australia, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Warren and Michelle BishopMichelle is a Southern Belle from Alabama, with a wild spirit.  She was “called home” after her first trip to the Redwood Forest in 1995.  She finished her last year of college at Humboldt State University in 1997, and visited the Mendocino Coast.  Her first night of camping nearby at Russian Gulch State Park, she confessed “one day I will live here.” And, 18 years later the Universe answered with a “YES” and offer to support Jug Handle Creek Farm.  Michelle moved to Portland, Oregon in 2000 and was excited to jump into the food and wine scene. She spent her first winter abroad working in the vineyards of New Zealand, and continued to study wine at the International Sommelier Guild.  In 2007, a car accident invited changes in her life and yoga and meditation became a daily practice.  Michelle went to Thailand to deepen her studies in yoga and there she met Warren in a 3 month intensive course.  It was in 2008, that Michelle immigrated to Australia and the 2 married on Halloween.  Michelle took up a wine sales role in Queensland for 4 years, and managed a small yoga studio.  Once she became an Australian citizen, the two embarked on a worldwide adventure of teaching yoga and managing retreat centers.

Warren and Michelle Bishop“We are passionate to share our experiences and offer support to all visitors, and we invite you to experience massage and yoga offerings at Jug Handle.”

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